School Breakfast and Lunch Program

The Governing Board recognizes the link between student health and wellbeing, and
school success. Therefore, District Personnel provides students a comprehensive
program, frameworks, and resources to ensure all students have access to
social-emotional development, physical education, mental health support, and nutritious
food. The District staff will be responsible for implementing plans to develop a safe,
positive school climate to ensure that students feel supported physically, socially and
emotionally, so that they can work towards accomplishing their academic goals.
Additionally, the District recognizes that health and wellbeing should be prioritized for
staff and caregivers as well, and works to ensure that all in the district community have
access to wellness resources, strategies, and supports.
TL Breakfast and Lunch Program
During the 2023-24 school year, the district is providing complimentary breakfast and lunch daily to all preschool-8th grade students. We have contracted with, The LunchMaster, to provide the service this year.

Based on feedback from our springtime surveys regarding our school meal program, our summer school program piloted a new approach to serving breakfast and lunch for all students. It was largely successful in reducing waste and provided more choice for students at the time of service. School sites will be ordering meals based on consumption patterns and in amounts that allow all students access to California’s Universal Meal Program for breakfast and lunch every school day. There will be NO NEED for families to place orders as it will be done as a site. Monthly menus will be shared in school newsletters so that families can discuss options and choices together. There will be cold items served for breakfast such as cereals, muffins alongside the fruits/vegetable options and two hot options for lunch. In addition, there will be at least one cold item offered as well for lunch. Vegetarian options will be available at each meal time and allergies will be accommodated.
Breakfast Service: 8:20-8:35
Lunch Service: 12:45-1:15 (M,T, F) 11:05-11:40 (W) and 1:00-1:35 (TH)
EZ Meal Application
In addition to signing up for free meals, we ask that each family fill out the EZ Meal Application to benefit your family, school, and community even if you do not believe you will qualify based on your income. Completing this form helps your school receive more funding to support your child’s learning environment. The application is used to calculate school funding levels from the state and federal level.

Please visit our Free & Reduced-Price EZMeal Application web page for more information.