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Tierra Linda Shadowing Policy
Please understand that shadowing at a high school is NOT a right of passage. It is an opportunity for students who are not sure of where they may want to go to school to see what schools have to offer in the way of academics, athletics and other co-curricular activities. It is a serious opportunity that can help you to decide where you want to spend the next four years of your academic lives. Below is a list of the four public high schools in the Sequoia High School District. Parents should make shadowing arrangements utilizing the following information for these schools:

Carlmont High School. Contact: 650-595-0210, Carlmont Corner Newsletter
Sequoia High School Contact: 650-369-1411
Menlo Atherton High School Contact: 650-322-5311
Woodside High School Contact: 650-367-9750

Summit/Everest Prep High School

Summit Contact: 650-556-1110 Everest Contact: 650-366-1050

Students may also choose to shadow at any of the private schools in the area that offer such opportunities. We do not have information about when these activities begin in the private schools. You should contact the schools directly.
Carlmont is the high school that that most Tierra Linda students feed into.  Here is the link to the 8th Grade Transition information at Carlmont High School.
Carlmont’s 8th Grade Transition Team, part of the PTSA, is here to provide 8th grade students and their parents/guardians, with information about opportunities for learning at Carlmont High School. The committee is comprised of the Principal of Carlmont High School and parent volunteers. We host a series of events throughout the school year and provide families with information through this monthly newsletter and our website page.