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Emergency Response Student Release

Certain situations may involve releasing students from school or relocating them at a time when parents expect their children to be at the school site. A School Administrator will implement student release in times of extreme emergency that warrant its execution. Whenever possible, it is preferred that students remain at school during the academic day.  If we have a Lockdown Emergency Protocol, please do not call your child's cell phone as this may impact student and staff safety.  The best resource for current information during an emergency would be our Tierra Linda website.

It is important to keep your emergency contact information updated.  If you have changes during the year, please contact the school office.
Process for Student Release in Case of Emergency:
  1. Park car on the street. Our driveway needs to be clear for emergency support vehicles and will be blocked off.  The line for pick up will be on the sidewalk along Dartmouth and along the sidewalk of our driveway.  Map for Student Release.
  2. Wait in line and have your ID ready along with students' first and last name.
  3. Move to release table. Be prepared to show ID. At the table, staff will use a walkie talkie to call students.  TL and Mariposa siblings will be released together and wait in the same area for release. Wait for student to be called. You may only sign out students you are authorized to sign out on emergency paperwork.
  4. Leave campus immediately after student is released to your custody.