TL Clubs

  • See complete list of fall clubs offered. [Note: We’re hoping to add more clubs in Spring!]
  • Each club is overseen by dedicated teacher advisors who provide guidance and support.
  • The clubs convene once/twice a week, before school, at lunch or afterschool.
  • The schedule ensures that students can strike a balance between their academic commitments and their passion for club activities. 
  • We encourage students to join no more than three clubs. This way, they can fully immerse themselves in each one and make the most out of their club experience. 
  • On Thursday, September 21st, we invite students to join us at the Learning Commons for Fall Club Day during lunch, where they will have the chance to explore the diverse range of clubs available, chat with club representatives, and gain insights into how each club can benefit their growth and development.

If students are ready to get started, they simply complete the provided form on the website after September 21 Fall Club Day. Students can join anytime! 

The adventure begins the week of September 25th, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to engage, learn, and make lasting memories.! Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Lee for more information.



A special note about Math Club 



The Math Club/ AMC 8 will be offered at TL on January 22nd, 2024. Any student who is interested in taking the test MUST attend Math Club on a weekly basis (starts October 16 in Room 14, after school until 4 pm). Students who are interested in the AMC 8 must sign up here by Sept. 29th.