We Stand United and Condemn Hate and Violence

Dear TL Families:

As I mentioned last month, at Tierra Linda we strive to uphold our community to be a safe place for all students and families.  In light of the increase of anti-semitic attacks that have occurred over the past two weeks, it is important to reiterate that we condemn these acts of violence and will not tolerate it in our community.  This stands true for any violence against our Palestinian neighbors as well.  With hope that the ceasefire in the Gaza strip can be maintained, I want to ensure you that we are doing what we can to bring a sense of safety and security in our own community.

These conflicts arise from layers of history and complicated political relationships.  At TL, we focus on what is tangible for our middle school students.  We model respectful and peaceful ways to express differences.  We value collaboration and discourse. This promotes a culture of acceptance and inclusivity that can extend beyond our school walls. 

San Carlos School District is partnering with Inclusion Counts, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultants, to move forward with our work. We are reviewing our policies and practices to make them more inclusive.  We provide resources for both teachers and families to address racism, bigotry, and hate in our schools, community and the world around us.  We are in the process of developing this website and creating a mission, vision and goals to focus and ground our work.  If you or your child experiences acts of hate or bias related to race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality, please respect this to me immediately so we can continue to educate and support all students in a safe, inclusive and respectful environment.


Kristen M. Ugrin