April 12, 2020 Weekly News

Principal's News

As we head into our fourth week of distance learning, we look back on all the challenges and what we have learned and accomplished.  This is really hard. Especially coordinating schedules in middle school without being able to be together on campus.  The master schedule was a big puzzle prior to distance learning. It continues to keep us on our toes.  In order to make this manageable, teachers have developed a system for pushing out assignments, video lessons and webinars.  It is understandable that with all that it going on, middle school students have a lot to learn about setting a schedule and using a calendar.  Teachers, staff and administrators also have a lot to learn around distance learning.  As a staff, we continue to adjust and problem solve in order to improve our practice.  I will continue to send emails to students to remind and reassure them of the following: 
  • You got this! We are proud of the engagement and work ethic of students.
  • It's messy and confusing.  Everyone is in the same boat right now.  We all feel like fish out of water.
  • Start your day at 9am by checking email and logging on for attendance.  If you are later than 9am, do it anytime in the day that you can.  New assignments will be posted by 9:00 a.m. for a few subjects every day.
  • No need to check every google classroom every day for every subject.  Follow the block schedule.
    • Only two-three subjects a day will push out assignments, have webinars and video lessons. 
    • Watch the video lessons as many times as needed.
  • Set a schedule and use a calendar to keep track of upcoming meetings
  • Scheduling is difficult and it may happen that two teachers have meetings at the same time.
    • Let your teachers know if you missed a meeting. 
    • Teaching of new concepts/learning targets will be recorded so students can watch it on their own time/schedule.
We are truly grateful to be part of a supportive community and appreciate all you are doing to keep your kids engaged.  I am impressed every day with the commitment and hard work of teachers and staff.  At this time, we are unsure of what our grading scale and assessments will look like for report cards and math placement.
If you are in need of assistance at this time, visit our Distance Learning Portal.  There are also additional resources for students and learning like our Sustainability Classroom.
Stay healthy and take care until we are together again,
Kristen Ugrin, Principal

TLM PTA News Update - 4/12/2020

PTA Meeting Reminder
In an effort to reconnect and also tend to some procedural PTA items, we invite all TLM PTA member to join us for our next PTA Meeting on Monday, April 13 @ 7pm via Zoom.  Click HERE for the agenda.  The long in information for the meeting is as follows:

Join a Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 422 766 720 Password: 055420


One of the agenda items will be to elect our proposed incoming PTA slate for next year. In addition to candidates listed on the slate, we welcome other candidates from our current PTA members as well. Should you be interested in a role, please contact Emily McLuhan, TLM PTA Parliamentarian at [email protected] 24 hours prior to the meeting to be added as a candidate for election. If you have any questions, feel free to contact:
Hazel Stabinsky - TLM PTA President, [email protected]
Mona Maher - TLM PTA Executive VP, [email protected]