Middle School Spring Sports INTEREST FORM Now Open


Middle School Spring Sports INTEREST FORM Now Open

We are excited for our 2020 Spring Sports season. The length of the season will vary depending upon the sport, but all will begin mid-March and run through the end of May. Here is an overview about each sport:

SoccerWe will field one SCSD team for boys, and one for girls in grades 6-8.  

TennisWe will host a coed team of up to 30 participants for CMS, and another coed team of up to 30 participants for TL/C. Both teams will have players in grades 6-8.

Track & Field: We will host a coed team for CMS, and another coed team for TL/C. Both teams will have athletes in grades 6-8.

Intramural Volleyball: We will host a coed intramural volleyball program for students in grades 5-8. More information about intramural sports will be coming soon. There is not a field for Intramural Volleyball on the Interest Form, so please look for one in a separate message. 

Please fill out the Interest Form associated with the Spring Sport your student wants to play so that we can adequately staff each sport and send you relevant information about tryouts, schedules, and team formation.

Once team selections have been made, we will send registration information to each player. In order to play, your student will need to pay the registration fee for the season (scholarships are available for families in need) and complete the required medical clearance form. The fee covers coaches, scorekeepers, referees, uniforms, insurance, equipment, and league fees. The school district receives no revenue from the sports programs.

Here is more information on the one SCSD team model for soccer. In going to the SCSD team model, we are aiming to keep athletes engaged, and make sure we have coaches and facilities that adequately support them. Click on this link to read more. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14JQx1v7bnD98nuYin-8-wkwhRqsd6Wu3YxANylIMzBE/edit

Happy Sporting,

Mindy Hill

SCSD Wellness Director