March 23, 2020 Weekly News

Principal's News

Dear TL Families:

During our second week of distance learning, we continue to work had to plan and problem solve. All lessons and assignments are posted on each teacher's google classroom.  Teachers are collecting input from students about the process and sharing ideas, questions and concerns with each other. Based on feedback, we are trying to balance the amount of work for students.  Teachers are being flexible around due dates for assignments. We want to recognize that you may be facing challenges at home with distance learning.
On a positive note, students are being responsible online and most are checking in, asking questions and collaborating with teachers.   We are highly impressed with all the skills students are learning that are necessary for this new type of learning. Students are learning to collaborate through tools like Google Classroom and how to communicate through email. As we adjust to this new type of learning, a reminder about a few ways to communicate and adapt to online learning:
  • Students should use their school account for emailing teachers,
  • Students should check email daily and check in for attendance daily the link is on the TL homepage
  • Students are expected to read directions for their assignments. Don't skip this part :) Students are building their comprehension skills and should be encouraged to slow down and carefully read through directions.
  • There are many resources, including counseling support, on the Distance Learning Portal on the TL homepage
  • Webinar learning is not available at this time through student accounts.  This is a complex process and we are working on getting tools out for teachers and students to use for learning
  • While in Google Classroom, students should follow our expectations -PAWS - Practice Safety, Act Responsibly, Work Ethically and Show Respect.  If students make inappropriate comments, they will be muted.  Students will still be able to participate, learn and turn in work.
  • All students learn at different paces and in different ways.  We are learning a lot about each other. 
  • Take time to exercise, breathe and socialize in creative ways. 
  • This is an awesome opportunity to grow our teaching and learning practices.

This is a fluid process with a steep learning curve. All staff at TL appreciate everyone's encouragement and support.



Kristen Ugrin

Superintendent Harmeier's Letter March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020

Dear SCSD Community,

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks in my 27 years as an educator! Our students, parents, community and State responded to the shelter in place orders and encountered and overcame challenges that impacted our daily routines and priorities in just a few days. I am extremely proud of our teachers and staff for their dedication, caring, and professionalism they have demonstrated in supporting our students and families!We are now preparing for week two of at-home learning and will continue to create routines, adjust workloads and pacing, and stay connected with our students as we all learn together in our new Distance Learning Plan approach. Remember, Spring Break is the following week, March 30- April 3 and we can all step away from the rigor of daily instruction and enjoy some unstructured time. I will continue to communicate important updates to you as they occur.

Please read this most recent update for valuable information on:

  • State Order to Shelter in Place
  • Fitness & Wellness and Counseling Support Websites Ready
  • Board Meetings

State Order to Shelter in Place

Governor Newson announced the shelter in place order for the State of California last week so we are all in this together now. Our County order lasts until April 7 and the California Executive Order N-33-20 to Safer at Home, shelter in place, signed by Governor Newsom stays in effect until further notice. I have no further information about the duration at this time.  Please continue to follow the safety guidelines of social distancing by avoiding getting together in person with friends and family members outside of your home until orders change. Please remind students to avoid visiting our campus and playgrounds during this time as well. 


Fitness & Wellness and Counseling SupportOur staff launched their Distance Learning webpages and we encourage you to visit them so you know what kinds of resources are available to you from home. Visit the Counselor's Corner where you can schedule an online appointment and access other resources for social and emotional well-being. Visit the Fitness and Wellness page to get great activities and access to our Legarza PE lessons for the week.


Virtual School Board Meetings 

Our school board meetings are moving to virtual meetings due to the shelter in place order. We had a Special Board Meeting on Thursday, March 19 to provide time for the Board to discuss the district’s response to COVID-19 and the shelter in place orders. The meeting was recorded and can be viewed from our School Board Meeting website. We realize that some people were not able to view the meeting on the livestream through Google Hangout Meet since access was only through our SCSDK8 domain.  We will use Zoom for our next meeting so that it can be publicly viewed. The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, March 26 with the agenda posting on our website tomorrow, March 23 by 5:00 pm. There is a special Study Session from 5:30-6:30 pm to discuss budget items and the Regular Board meeting begins at 7:00 pm.  


Your teachers and principals can help you with most questions and support, and if there is something I can help you with please let me know.


Please stay healthy,

Michelle Harmeier