Distance Learning Continues through June 11

Distance Learning Continues through June 11

Dear TL Families:

If you read the SCSD Covid-19 Update from 04-07-2020, you are now aware we aer not returning to school campuses for the remainder of the school year.  This has caused, stress, uncertainity and sadness for many of our students, parents, and staff.  It is impacting us all in different ways.  We have resources available.  We encourage students or families to reach out for assistance, either through email or the link on our Distance Learning Portal.  We are available by appointment if you need materials or supplies for pick up at the TL office.  

Teachers continue working on distance learning routines and systems for teaching, learning and staying connected to their students. On Monday and Tuesday, all staff were engaged in professional learning and planning in order to create and innovate due to this dramatically different way of delivering instruction.  We ask for patience as we embark on this challenge with very little time to prepare.  Our biggest struggle has been providing personalized and differentiated instrution from a distance.  Just as every student is different, so is every household.  For some we are not doing enough and students want more. For others, it is too much to keep up with all the work.  Teachers are feeling the same way and are relying on emails, chats and check-ins from students to gauge instruction and answer questions.

Please keep in mind that you are not alone.  All students in the United States are going through the same unique experience. When we get through, we will adjust instruction to meet students and move them forward next year.  Self-care is important. All of us should take time to relax and nurture our mental health. If your child is struggling or feeling overwhelmed, step in and end school for the day.  We want students to try their best and stay engaged.  Sometimes that will mean walking away from the screen and going for a run or dancing in the living room and maybe stopping to smell the roses along the way.  

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and support at during this crisis.  Thank you for donating gift cards.  These gifts mean a lot to those with needs in our school community.  It is encouraging to see as a community, we are making progress by caring for one another.  Everyone is doing their part!  

Stay healthy, be safe and take care,

Kristen Ugrin, Principal